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LibraLand aka The Crameatorium

Words and Music by Paul Crame

There are no polished performances here, just me making my noises, first takes an all

The songs and tunes here are all mine and I like them.

Most are unfinished, all incomplete, some just snippets but nevertheless here they are

The recording dates are just approximations 

There is a 10 second delay after clicking play before the track plays

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In reality, or just down the road
Life's a compromise, a fantasy load
Whatever the reason, whatever the score
Just want you to know that I'll always want more

Live Performances:

5th February 2009 RAFA Club Newbury

Played unfinished newey Mother & Child then Ladybird (with an oral explanation) I found the sound very difficult 2nd set had a go at A for Ever

5th December 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

Last "Official" unplugged until the RAFA Club, or a new venue sorted. Adam has arranged another RAFA club session on February 6th 2009 A Very good night, packed with people and performers. Sound was very good. Only got to play one set as so many people turned up they ran out of time Played "LadyBird" and "Out of the Dark" A great musical evening, and a few compliments as well

7th November 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

Played "Molly", "A for Ever" then "52", very nervous, as usual, nerves usually start around 4 o'clock!. Very busy show, last but one at the RAFA club. Need to sort monitoring out as i cannot hear the guitar very well and seem to over play to get the notes to sound but they don't always sound right. Might use the T.C. gear with headphones as monitor next time, bit unsociable playing with headphones though but i am sure it will help(?) .Note from singer Lucy Robbins

3rd October 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

First and only set played "A for Ever" then "The Arrangement", very nervous, as usual but the show ran late so one set only, pity , had both guitars and was going to do "52" and "Ladybird". Sound was very tricky, I played quiet, trying to listen, so Rick turned it up and things boomed

5th September 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

First set played "A for Ever" then "The Last Vegetarian", very nervous and the strings kept hiding and sounding out of tune, bit of a shambles really Second set played "Medievil Dance" then "The Arrangement" - first public airings of these two tunes! Quite happy with the second set, tuned up in the Gents before going on, it sounded great in there! Played quietly and slowly which helped.

6th June 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

First set played "A for Ever" then "The Last Vegetarian", Second set played "Estella " then "52". Very nervous, shortened all the songs! its been a while, No1 did'nt like the heat/humidity and went out of tune, had a job to settle in, could'nt hear myself at all well (excuses) Missied a note on Estella but happy with 52, sound much better, got that "playing at home" sound from Rick. Sadly less and less people are turning up to listen. Event was recorded by Rick

4th April 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

First set played "Ladybird" then "Estella" (after Adams daughter), Second set played "52" then part of "Happy Birthday". Guitar fret buzzin again(!) Odd night tonight, very, very nervous and muscially blank brain syndrome for first set, i can feel the "music" fading away as i wait. (better for second set, but cut it short). Not many people turned up tonight, must be something on TV. Comments ref Twelve Fingers & Richard Thompson

7th March 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

1 set only as show overrun, 2 tunes, "52" and a mix of "unfinished 1 and unfinished 2". Unfortunately sound was not as good. Had some interesting comments

1st February 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

First set, 2 tunes, "Shit Happens" and Holy Woman Holy Cow (sang!) Second set "Out of the Dark" and "Darlin" stage sound was really good - so many thanks to Rick

4th January 2008 RAFA Club Newbury

Only played(!) 2 songs, some very good music played by others tonight

7th December 2007 RAFA Club Newbury

Darlin, Ladybird, Out of the Dark Still as nervous as first time and perhaps playing a new tune was not that bright, cedartop had loads of fret buzz (capo’d at 2nd) that really put me off (bad workman etc). Had to restart Out of the Dark. Never mind, still look back having enjoyed the experience. Event was photographed and recorded. Had a couple of nice comments

9th November 2007 RAFA Club Newbury

(special thanks to Adam Kotz and Rick) Ladybird, 52, Red to Brown, Out of the Dark First public performance of my own material, nervousness effected the tunes but pleased to have done it

11th December 1969

John O' Gaunt School Hungerford Christmas Concert  -  Bad Moon Rising with CiVViX (Keith Morgan -guitar, Tim Bay -drums, Paul Crame -guitar, Francis Smith -vocals)

Words from LibraLand
All content Copyright © 2014 Paul Crame

Crying Shame

Salt water drops of crying shame 
burn the flush of cheeks again
Infra, ultra, love is blind

Crying clouds the wandering wind, the peace of earth the children bring
Subsonic screaming went unheard, all is lost, on you the third

Life's results and lives of dreams, already drowned in blood strewn streams
A little hope crying tunes, the birth and death of human blooms
A baby dies right next to you

Salt water drops of crying shame
burn the flush of cheeks again
Infra, ultra, love is blind

Images of her

I may not help you on your way or even call you up today
But I'm around and time will tell if you're the one who slipped and fell
Understand as I lay near you're helping me conceal the fear
that lovers have when love is gone and all that's left to dream on is an image I've seen before as you lay beneath me on the floor

Turns desire through my head making love upon my bed
The sudden pressure, a thought explodes as I lay down amongst your clothes
And when I wake and your still here I cuddle you and make it clear that we're on our own and very near
Hold me and kiss I'll tell you this although I'm here right now it's been so long I've sung this song the words escape and hum along

The path that leads me into you confuse, conceal, obscure my view
So lets just tell and meet again to say hello amongst the rain that washes the years, and tears, down my face leaving patterns I can't erase

It's better now that I tell you I cannot handle someone who has no words for all my fears and talks them straight and through the barriers that stand erect between my love and you

But now I know when not to show the care that can't express
the physical, emotional, experienced distress
Confusion helps my memory, dislodge a female blur

The thoughts that held those images of her

History Of A Child

I knew a girl called Valerie
She asked one day if she could marry me
Put her finger down the barrel of my gun
Pulled the trigger, ….I’m not the only one

Just across the road, in the place of more
Big sister was cute but the chest i adored
Swung from her mum as she patted my head
Stayed with the boy later as he laid in his bed

Roamed through the town, I was looking for friends
Found loneliness round the streets and bends
Played in the fields and climbed the trees
The summers were hot and the winters would freeze

The house was cold, the house was small
But love was missing couldn’t find it at all
Was fed and was clothed and toys would appear
The dark and the silence turned into my fears

A young boy lost, a young boy found
More often than not the expression a frown
As time passed away and history past
Till the day he realised life didn’t last

You can’t always hide from the things that will come
The death of a father, the loss of a mum
But look to yourself and think of the time
When nothing is yours, and nothing is mine

There was never a reason,
never a plan
Just a plain, simple, ordinary, life of a man

Story One

The world has edges, a castle, a hill
A wooded landscape, scenery still
Who lives, who loves What are we doing here?

A reason to trespass
A creation of will
Above the horizon, below the sea
An image of energy, caressing the sea

Setting the scene for a transformation
A story unfolds, a tale of frustration
The walls were cold and glazed, uneven, untrue
Containing a space outside of you

Sat at a table, wooden but bare
An image of beauty with long blonde hair
Eyes focussed somewhere near nowhere it seemed
The power of love contained in a beam

She's waiting for no-one, nobody, nowhere
As time slips away her head turns to stare
Begging the pulse of sensation down there
Unable to touch, unable to see
The invisible barrier between us and me

A wave of emotion, just passing by
Left a sad feeling, almost a cry

The room has just emptied
The image has gone
A lonely lost lover
Singing a song

There Was

There was a beautiful woman who always turned her head
She took me in a second and left me for her bed
I never felt her crying I never saw her cry
But as she looked right through me I felt a lover die

She might not live forever, but in my mind she stays
Filling up the moments counting up her days
Loving every minute, needing all the time
Looking to the future I wish that she was mine

A freedom child reliving the grief a child has faced
Awkward as an ice cube, melting in a space
Never facing through, the times of left alone
The woman as a lady, now she has a home

As if to hide the sorrow, travelling far astray
Lost to simple moments, wish another day
Nothing hides the nature,
the past won’t go away

A lover in the darkness is just another way
As youth grows up around her, leaving her again
She looks into the loving that caused the simple pain
Wishing for the moment, caress the gentle soul
Take apart the pieces just to leave a hole

She might not live forever, but in my mind she stays
Filling up the moments counting up her days
Loving every minute, needing all the time
Looking to the future I wish that she was mine

Dancing to the rhythms, the natural flowing grace
Thank you for the moments,  the smile upon your face
Whispered words fulfilling all the thoughts of new
Gentle as the music, flowing out of you

The Last Excuse

If I knew what I wanted more than I had
I’d love another deeply and wish I was mad
Instead I dream of nothing, but something comes to me
Searching in the past for the reasons to be
Confused as just a moment, owned a space in time
A future full of nothing, wasted like a crime

If only hope could be enough, if only thoughts were real
A happy person I could be how happy would I feel?
Alone I sit and wonder, the point of if and all
As used to loss and failure as ice cubes to a ball
No distant calling words of faith, no thought of fellow man
It takes from me if only, a child is what I am

As darkness washes out the light, as blood washed upon the sand
Hold out for truth and beauty, peace take me by the hand
Show me the way before some day the flower of the moon
Weighs down my chest and fills the nest of wooden sided gloom

Perhaps some words or chemistry, will come my way and cure
The depths of pain and misery of feelings insecure
What lights the road to happiness, where hides the pointed signs
Am I so blind with selfishness, I cannot see the lines
So rush ahead, not looking, not pausing for the score
My eyes are closed in wonder, how red and damp and sore

Then let me know there was a part that played in life for me
As I am gone to be no more, a sigh in fantasy
The last excuse, the final plea… I could only be me

Hurt me the Most (Sept 2001 Spain)

We had so much to talk about, but we had nothing to say
So much we should have talked about, but we had nothing to say
Isn’t it sad, ain’t that he way

Long ago has faded, along with all my dreams
Head games sent to fool me, nothings what it seems, because there’s….

So much space between us, from the mountains to the coast
But it’s what you never said to me that hurt me the most

Hurting’s just the process to help you face the pain
Prepare you for the next time you fall in love again
When this time is over, when all is good and well
I’ll see you in the distance, my heart begins to swell

So much space between us, from the mountains to the coast
But it’s what you never said to me that hurt me the most

The suns behind the clouds now, it was a sunny day
Its warmth is kept from me, the breeze blown it away
The light is fading also, shadows start to form
The life of darkness wakens, welcoming the storm

So much space between us, from the mountains to the coast
But it’s what you never said to me that hurt me the most


If you are drowning in the sea
Do you look up and smile or down to look at me
Grab for the rope, the ropes not there
As empty and blank as an angry stare

Go under and splash, grasping the sand
Like water that runs and pours past your hand
Choke on the words, gasp in the pain
Life drags you under the waves, again

Lay still, try to float It’s your only hope
Smile at the moon, thanks to the tide
Washes the hurt from you, inside
Fresh is the water, distilled in your head
Replaces the triggers and paths you have led

To the end, past shores and reef
Succumbed to the pleasures of diluted grief

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