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The Tour - 2021-2022


The Tour 2021/2022


ODO 009641 at home

Trip zeroed

Day 1 15/12/21 Left for Covid test at Wren (Hilton car park) Southampton.

Arrived early and had test results quite soon. Negative! Left for Portsmouth. Ferry to Caen. Lights initial issue and sat nav confusing!

Did a few detours! But got to: Grainville-Langannerie rue du Lapford (free) ///capable.spots.forts at 10:30

Good nights sleep. Cosy Ok internet Trip 85.8 1/2 Odo 09727

Day 2 16/12/2021 Left stop 1 for stop 2 but ended up in middle of Le Mans (same street+number!)

Horrific complete with 2.5m underpasses (hit one warning dangler! (Sat nav said keep left, dummy here moved to left lane- big mistake) Later couldn’t get out (2.5m route) so just drove far and straight (worked)

Stop 2 is at Briosne-Les-Sables near pond (free) ///minibar.spool.bribes

Slow internet Trip 108.8 (plus a bit delay reset) Odometer 09837 (196 miles so far)

Day 3 17/12/2021 trip zeroed Arrived at stop 3 3:45 Camping Car Free Solignac 6 le cimetiere Novelle-Aquitaine ///crediting.planted.rewired Fast internet. Train Klaxon sounding 4-5 times in the early hours! ODO= 10044 final (403 miles so far) Trip 1 at fuel up = 83.2 Trip 2 at site = 124.7 ODO= 09920 at fill up (279 miles) Max range (sensible) = 279 miles = 450km Full tank, half tank 225km Fill up: 54.01 litres (11.881 gals) Cost: €84.80 (£72.25) MPG = 23.48 First fuel up, roof vent deflector rattled needing roof walk! Slow sooner and look left longer at roundabouts! Sunny start sunny end grey dull between

Day 4 18/12/2021 Trip zero - Try to keep speed around 55 (88.5 kph) To Vaissac 119 Chemin de Capiol 242km 3.18 hours Chilly start to the day! Leftover coffee frozen! Wild boar ran across road, great vertigo views esp viaduct, set alarm off at 2nd fill up. Lovely place, tricky to find but easily found ///recipe.inordinate.offside Bread machine local or hypermarche 5k away Very bright and sunny but sooooo cold! ODO at refill 10160 Trip at refill 115.7 Trip after refill 032.9 ODO final = 10193 = 552 miles so far Fuel 45.30 litres 9.965 gals Cost €69.72 Miles this segment = 240 24.08 mpg Have seen so many kestrels! Scenery is just amazing, like what I though the UK was but so much better in every respect

Day 5 (Sunday) Frosty start To Salsas-le-chateau (236k 4.02 hours?) Wonderful landscape, testing my vertigo several times on the way, hills and all! North of Perpignan on coast (close for trip to Spain) ///rant.unnerves.opened Nice spot spoiled by campers 🙂 Lens condensation! Flamingos ODO at arrival = 10337 (696 miles so far) Trip = 177.1 - 32.9 = today miles = 144.2

Day 6 (Monday) Photos to start? Reset Trip To Spain: Sant Sadurni d’anoia, Carrer de Les flors (258km 3.43hrs) ///constitution.costumed.overused View of snow topped mountains awesome Journey very up and bendy severe vertigo territory. No Customs at all 🙂 WARM AND SUNNY!! Got cooler later though Finished ODO = 10500 (total miles = 859) Final trip: 162.5 Trip at fuel up: 43.9 ODO at fuel up: 10381 Fuel €54.89 39.86 litres = 8.76 gals 10381 this fill Odo - 10160 last fill Odo = 221 miles / 8.76 = 25.22 mpg

Day 7 (Tuesday) Zipping noises were Kelly (has a Scottish mum -McKie) and her boyfriend in the ‘on top of car’ camping outfit! (Holland ie Dutch and Polish) Did some food shopping Trip zeroed Arrived at Casa de Fusta (€9 but no electric) Water everywhere, bird pics ///oust.saturated.verb Closer to Valencia ODO = 10600 (total so far 959 miles) Trip = 99.4

Day 8 (Wednesday) Trip zeroed Fill up at 10632 ODO Trip at filling 31.8 Another vertigo experience!!!! What scenery, if only I could look at it all But what a place!!
By the side of an isolated reservoir - Embalse de Arenos - Montanejos
Trip on arrival 116.6 (then zeroed) ODO on arrival 10717 (1076 miles so far) ///progressive.acoustics.bluffed Bright and sunny since 2pm Fuel 45.67 litres (10.046 gals) Mileage 10632 - 10381 = 251 miles Mpg = 24.98 mpg

Day 9 (Thursday) Stay second night? (Yes) By midday it’s hot and sunny with a cool breeze 2 families visited Photos of bugs

Day 10 (Friday - Xmas Eve) 3rd Night Started with rain, quite cool (cold!) 9 degrees Collected more rubbish Tried a few more macros It’s so quiet!! Wow! I Feel numb! Just had the shit of the century!!!

Day 11 (Saturday - Xmas Day) Cool start 1st car visitor (Blue Estate) went to shore walked a bit then left after 5 minutes Nice and sunny by 13:00 So quiet and still Took more pictures Stayed 4th night

Day 12 (Sunday - Boxing Day) 2x dinghy crews (inc blue estate car) arrived at 9am Bright sunny day Left for a pit stop…. Arrived at pit stop (empty loo) Venta de aire at Carreta De Teruel now good road to coast - no more squeaky roads and vertigo! ///festers.bongo.contributes Then to: La Vall d’Uixo - Cave de Sant Josep ///curtsey.outnumbered.framed Jacob caves here, very busy (duh! Holiday weekend) motorhome slots full so parked close to one, left soon after. Pretty town on skyline though… Huge sky and clouds over Valencia Mileage on ODO = 10779 (1138 so far) Took wrong turn, nightmare on one way dead end street!

Arrived at Area Riba-Roja de Turia free municipal camping area by park and river ///debater.ends.swinging Jeans and t shirt at last! ODO 10821 Trip 221.1 Rained from 5:30 in the evening

Day 13 (Monday 27th) 2nd night Blustery start to day, awoken in early hours Photo Moon, buildings and birds in t shirt and jeans but Windy 12:38 too hot for jeans! Shorts on!!!! Wow should have done this years ago Windy night

Day 14 (Tuesday 28th) 3rd night Still at Area Riba-Roja de Turia Beautifully hot and noisy dog people left Went shopping in local supermarket (walked in shorts and t shirt) Hoopoe in car park Only 21 degrees

Day 15 (Wednesday 29th) Time to move on…. Simat de la Valldigma ///shorts.reprised.startled Very hot and sunny 23 degrees Oranges growing behind First time I have ever picked an orange from its tree! It was lovely kinda subtle On way here Filled up at 10826 (but not brim as attendant did filling Managed to get full Repsol 11kg propane gas tank and proper regulator for €20 from the Repsol delivery driver parked at the garage!!! At fill up 10826 28.40 litres (6.247 gallons) Miles = 10826-10632 = 194 = 31.05 mpg Total miles so far 1185

Day 16 (Thursday 30th) Moving on 09:57 solar 23.0v (highest seen so far) To Benissa Trip zeroed at 0440 Basking in the warmth roadside near Lidl ! ///client.farmhouse.hook Then to Castel de Guadalest What a journey!, what a climb! Some of it in 2nd gear…..(1st gear to get up 2 slopes on way out) My eyes have never seen so much! The rising peaks spectacular ///freeway.stadium.vacancy Such a lovely peaceful sunny summers day! But it’s 30th December 2021 Took lots of pics Staying over ODO at stopped 10942

Day 17 (Friday 31st) Stayed overnight at Castel de Guadalest cost was €6 cash Then head further West today Off to IKEA car park Murcia! (Not actually, municipal camper stop opposite IKEA’s car park) Free with security guard! (72 hours max) Aldi close by (3 minute walk) Arrived at 13:09 ODO = 11032 Trip was 162.4 ///rewarding.beams.suppers Only 23 degrees!! Hot and sunny Surprisingly quiet Made a chick pea curry! (Very good)

Day 18 (Saturday 1st January 2022) By 09:20 solar hitting 22.6 To Area de Velez-Rubio Arrived 13:56 hot sunny and very peaceful till… ///blackens.bitterness.grabs ODO at brimmed = 11034 (last fill at 10826) Miles = 208 litre = 46.93 (10.32 gals) 20.155 Mpg (low! hefty uphill low gear penalty?) Metal trash loud music man arrived soon after trimming trees Distant Dogs barking all night Plus late arrivals Trip 164.6 then zeroed Trip at stop = 69.2 ODO at stop = 11103 (1462 miles so far) Don’t fill up at weekends! 1% surcharge on Revolut!!!!

Day 19 (Sunday 2nd January 2022) Empty water tank! To: Francesco Abellan Resovior Then on to: Las Mimbres park up in woods Had a wander ended up going back for camera and tripod- birds in trees!! Sat with the Sun on my back- bliss ///bottling.receipts.milked Arrived approx 13:15 Trip = 160.1 ODO= 011194 (1553 so far) Brimmed at 11034 (-11194 = 169 so far)

Day 20 (Monday 3rd January) Cold start to the day! Quite a frost, out looking for birds Trip zeroed at 160.1 Original schedule was for area “El Rincon” but full and serves as a long term residency! Moving on (these things have to be learned) Arrived at Area Coin (free stop) ///livery.coursed.populations Bit noisy but in town and free (5 minute walk to Lidl - did small shop) Missing the snow capped mountains on the way here and also the many VIADUCTS! (Don’t look down) on the way!!!!! Spectacular if could bear to look a bit more (around Malaga) Brimmed tank (what an episode, got very low so got off motorway into town, only to find motorways filling station on rejoined motorway) at ODO 11312 (-11034) = 278 miles 48.18 litres = 10.598 = 26.231 mpg Trip at stop 137.0 miles

Day 21 (Tuesday 4th Jan) To Casares Arrived at 11:45 ///research.simplifying.paramedic Wow! Went over more viaducts, glanced over edge of last one, saw motorway 100’ below OMG!! Nice spot- British campers with lots of good advice! (Use window over sink for slanted junctions) 4 bars 4G ODO 011383 Trip 52.1 16:39 - pouring with rain 🙂 Bloody dog barking till early hours

Day 22 (Wednesday 5th January) Stayed 2nd night at Casares- pictures of Griffon Vultures from high spot and walked into town Hot sunny and windy (wind is bitter cold though!) Solar 23.6 volts .. highest so far! No dog barking tonight! (So far) (well some!) Heavy rain during the night

Day 23 (Thursday 6th January) More griffon pics, bright and sunny Then left for… Area Facinas, Cadiz, Andalucia 11391 Trip 52.1 zeroed ODO 011383 ///wooed.brushing.apps Trip 57.5 ODO 011441 (-9641 = 1800 miles so far! Wow) Birds in the area! Was perfect! Woke at 2:32 am… dog close by just barking incessantly!

Day 24 (Friday 7th January) Missed a turn and ended up on route elsewhere… Area Umbrete (outskirts Seville) Seville outskirts overpass looking down to docks and containers a bit much! ///rising.radiantly.impoverished ODO at fill up 011510 previous 11312 = 198 miles done Only approx as I didn’t check but what he gave me was a promotion feature not receipt Charge was €58.23 @ 1.404 per litre (somewhere approx) 41.47 litres gives 9.12 gallons Gives 21.71 mpg (bit low) At end 11567 (start 9641) 1926 miles so far 126.3 TRIP Google maps guided walk to Spar and back (in the dark) 20:22 and no dogs barking

Day 25 (Saturday 8th January) T-shirt hot! Tyre pressures low (60’s) re-inflate to 78 all round - cap device reads 83 though Arrived at Area Gabraleon “La Lobera” at 13.10 ODO 11615 (start 9641) so 1974 miles so far Trip: 47.7 ///unblock.reforms.inward Very hot and sunny (18 degrees) Only a car park but it’ll do Stork on a stick NWN reports a cold and frosty morning!! Relaxing day (shouldn’t they all be? 🙂) Very quiet night 👍

Day 26 (Sunday 9th January) To Camper Park Playas de lux Spain 21420 Ayamonte Proper paying camping spot for Motorhomes Arrived after conflicted satnav and blind driver Looks a nice place, quite full €10 per night inc Wi-Fi With half an hour of arriving I have already done the washing up and had a shower! Both with hot water ///legislators.premixed.touchy Pitch 43 Trip 26.6 Odo 011642 (-9641 = 2001 miles!!) I had never really appreciated how being somewhere warm bright and sunny is actually very relaxing 😌 Probably especially when other people in the area are striving for the same Only 14 degrees at the moment (15:16) increasing to 16 degrees at 17:00 Downloading multiple series “The Grand Tour” via Wi-Fi to watch on iPad Curry for supper!

Day 27 ( Monday 10th January) Bit overcast but not bitter cold in the morning Sun and heat came out, nearly, around 4 Took the gear for a walk…. How to knacker an old man! (But blissful) Surprised how well 200-600 is working with 1.4 teleconverter. Even in “overcast” weather (ie not blue sky sun) the light is so much better Second night here

Day 28 (Tuesday 11th January) Third night here (so €30) Another wander planned (to the left this time) Croissants arriving Really hot and sunny Got back to mh and noticed rh eyecup rubber missing from bins! Retraced my steps and found it! 😊 Heavy duty dog barking session at 1 am and joined by a mosquito!

Day 29 (Wednesday 12th January) Checkout by 1pm To: Camper stop Moncarapacho, Unnamed Road in Portugal 🇵🇹 American style sanctuary! Camping Route 66 ! ///excess.asserted.prowess Arrived 11:50 am at campsite €10 per night Arrived in Portugal! 👍 Hot, sunny and peaceful Portugal has grass! Trip 35.2 ODO 11677 (-9641 = 2036) And 16 degrees (6 degrees in Newbury) From todays NWN….. “Met Office predicts freezing fog and minus temperatures for West Berkshire across the weekend as UKHSA issues cold weather alert” Sardinian Warbler!

Day 30 (Thursday 13th January) At Route 66 stopped over Mossie joined me last night and again tonight! Internet/Wi-Fi not great Music playing past midnight (not that loud though) Cloudy start

Day 31 (Friday 14th January) To : Motorhome Ecopark Sao Bras de Alportel Arrived 12:15 Odo 11694 Trip 16.5 €7 per night (paid for 2 nights upfront) ///enclosing.frugal.manned Internet seems good Plot 46 Lidle 30min walk away Saw 23.4 volts from solar panel Highest ever (cloud has cleared) Very peaceful, walked to Lidl and back to get shopping

Day 32 (Saturday 15th January) Second day at the Motorhome Ecopark Drove to Javali (means “wild boar”) to do a “Ornithological Walk” so the pamphlet said Just lbj’s and some very steep gradients Every local that drove past waved! Quite overcast till 15:30 Paid for 3rd night (Sunday) Watching downloaded Breaking Bad!

Day 33 (Sunday 16th January) Went walking…. 4 hours worth Slightly knackered but enjoyed it! Lovely at 14 degrees, not too hot but very bright. At the view the area viewing point put 100-400 away (really the butterfly lens) to make the walk back easier 5 minutes later the butterflies appeared! Measured route at 3.72 miles Lots of dog barking 8:30-9:30 on and on again at 23:15…. Till past midnight Superb curry, second night with added broccoli! Final day, leave Monday morning

Day 34 (Monday 17th January) 07:25 woke by yapping dog, stopped 07:38 better get used to this! To: Camperstop Messines 8375 Portugal ///subtracting.revisit.mush Trip 30.7 zeroed Odo 011708 Tank brimmed at 11735 £55.21 think diesel €66.1 & 1.674 = 39.48 litres = 8.68 gals Trip 26.6 Last fill = 011510 miles = 225 miles = 25.92 mpg Quite chilly in the evening but still bright and sunny 18:30-19:30 + gent next running engine (with lights on!) Not quite peaceful/idyllic No dogs barking though!!!!

Day 35 (Tuesday 18th January) Solar 23.3 volts at 10:00 Nice walk, again up and down a bit! Turned mgusic down! No choc or bread ever again Satellite broadband here not great, no 3g (E)

Day 36 (Wednesday 19th January) Plan to do walk to rhs but went left on a Route suggested by Andre So peaceful , quiet, still, shockingly bright and warm Can’t believe how quiet it is by the lake Great walk, back at mh 16:15 Stop over tonight (3rd) then move on to Castro Verde area and have a look Lots more barking last night and some (distant) early morning barking

Day 37 (Thursday 20th January) Checkout at 11 (paid €20 for 3 nights) Heavy frost- Wi-Fi booster on roof iced up Grey water hose broke Investigate Castro Verde area Trip zeroed was 32.3 Odo 11740 Arrived at Camping Serra da Bica 6 miles south of Ourique 17 degrees today ///wealthiest.buds.steeps €11.75 per night Plot 10 Odo 11771 Trip 0306 Slow, non streaming internet but free Man Herding cattle with 3 dogs Evening… Dog barking as ‘usual’ solid 8-10:30 Woken by dogs barking close by at 12:30 and 01:19 Noticed at 04:25 barking (pee stop)

Day 38 (Friday 21st January) Frosty roof in the morning the new norm 09:11 ish maxed at 23.7 volts (1.5A-2.9A) saw 3.7A at 10.27 Investigate surrounding area and River Another 4 hr outing, nothing to see really Knackered but happy Did see a kingfisher though, unexpected Showers are great and included free Same continuous barking as last night 👎

Day 39 (Saturday 22nd January) Saw 3.9A from solar @23.6v 10:35 A wandering with the 100-400 no tripod (lightweight kit) To the river! BMI approx 28.4 (guess at 90kg) Not exactly a “productive” day, enjoying the countryside and climate but missing the birds, bugs and lizards Though did manage shots of a Blue Tit and the worst ever Kingfisher picture!

Day 40 (Sunday 23rd January) Last day! Woke by dog barking at 3am (final straw) Not staying any longer 3 nights cost €35.25 cash Fixed grey water tank and hose Site man got me a circlip 👍 5.4A from solar! Trip zeroed 30.6 Odo 011771 One of the best sites during the day, but the worst at evening/nighttime To Ourique shopping Then on to Baragem Do Roxo, Evidel /// What a lovely peaceful place! (during day!) The Germans have been here a week said peaceful and quiet…….. Odo 11819 (-9641) = 2178 miles so far Trip 48.3 Fast broadband

Day 41 (Monday 24th January) 03:38 woke again by a barkin an a howlin group session Several barking sessions before Read over 30 reviews each mentioned quiet and tranquility, the roaming dogs always mentioned but not in the context of night-early morning sleep wrecking barking and howling - 6 barking roaming dogs Investigate waterside, might be a hide setup Incredibly peaceful during the daytime To Area Arronches, Portalegre Portugal It actually rained on way, but only 2 swipes of the wiper blades cleared it! ///suckle.dawns.valve Arrived approx 16:00 Odo 011931 (-9641 = 2290 miles so far) Trip 111.7 Bright and sunny by the river Full 4G Remaining = 1141 miles (approx) 29 travel days remain No dogs barking…. Horray!!!!! But Couple next to me chatting sweet nothings all bloody evening (22.28 and counting) - it was a couple camping in their car - that was cold in the morning!!! Brrrr! A dog did beat the Cockerill to my morning greeting

Day 42 (Tuesday 25th January) To Area Lardoso, Castelo Branco, Portugal Trip zeroed Tank full at 011944 ///bakes.valuables.ahead Arrival Odo 012009 (-9641 = 2368 miles so far) Arrival trip 78.1 39.3 litres = 8.64 gallons 011944 - 011735 = 209 24.18 mpg So much to see on the journey…sometimes frustratingly so, because of the 100’s of pictures I have not taken ( an example was the town of Nisa - shockingly beautiful, so picturesque, but nowhere to stop) Some more vertigo Nr outskirts of Castelo Branco Lovely sunny day! But only 12 degrees! Just checked and it’s 2 degrees in Newbury Yappy start to the evening (distant dogs nearby) still yapping at 10:30 Leave tomorrow cost €10 (discretionary) 3 bars 4G Good nights sleep Check tyre pressures Trip zeroed was 78.1

Day 43 (Wednesday 26th January) Chatted to Mick and Nuno, both in Portugal hoping to buy land To Celorico Da Beira Portugal Arrived after treacherous mountain roads (for a virtigoist) and a well sprung trap leading me, in 1st gear up an impossible steep and narrow climb that ended when the ‘road’ narrowed to 1.5m A long tricky reverse back down the cobbled hill. With the help of two fireman, they escorted me to the correct, but tiny access Road car park Odo 12076 Trip 66.9 (1141 -66.9 = 1074.1 to go) Both campervan spaces taken so made do! Free Wi-Fi and electric Arrived 16:10 Then one campervan left leaving proper slot for me!! Lovely place, for some reason reminded me of Arundel! Wandered and took a few snaps Castle Tomorrow ? ///midterm.conditioning.butlers 20:02 Can hear a fair bit of distant woofing, nothing to worry about though 21:43, knackered, tired! It’s so quiet here! (Famous last words) … woke by yapping contest 00:26

Day 44/70 (Thursday 27th January) Visit Castle then off to: Necrópole de São Gens, Santa Maria, Portugal Then to: Quinta da Padrela Picture in Vila da Rua Leaving asap Doing renovations and diesel fumes from tractors passing by motorhome atrocious Otherwise quite pleasant ///asparagus.abundant.exchanges Trip 55.1 Odo 12131 (-9641 = 2490 miles so far) 19:53 first dog barking heard! Paranoid now! But a very quiet peaceful night

Day 45/70 (Friday 28th January) Left early To Aire Montalagre Trip zeroed “Horrendously Beautiful” What a journey…. Probably the trip of trips Arrived 12:22 Viaducts above, viaducts and more, severe drops to side, driving looking to right and seeing tops of electricity pylons, several times first gear to get up hills, downhills so steep had the sensation of falling out of cab But I (we) got here, MH and I ///scorn.microbe.inferences Trip 89.6 Odo 012221 (-9641 = 2580 miles so far) Fuel at 012157 38.68 litres €63.00 8.5 gals Walk plus little shop, castle! Castelo de Montalegre 12157- 11944= 213 / 8.5 = 25.05 mpg Not a good sign, dogs barking during the day 🙁 Fast 4G The Camper Stop is very near the fire station…. ie just behind, Klaxon went off twice at 22:56 pm 🙂 That woke me, and just about everything else within a mile) it’s loud Good sleep

Day (46/70 (Saturday 29th January) Then to Spain Very English countryside around San Pedro Drive through Ourense Looks spectacular, bridges over river! Arrived around 1pm, busy as football pitch and it is a Saturday Frost on ground by river bank Lovely and warm though ///retriever.redeem.demanding No indication whatsoever that I had driven into another country ! Trip 70.2 Odometer 012291 (-9641 = 2650 miles so far) Walk to town along river bank good Town narrow full of cars some people, not that scenic Good nights sleep

Day 47/70 (Sunday 30th January) To Area Miera Spain Arrived 12:28 Most of journey, from about 10k out till last 10k was in really thick fog!! It’s lovely and sunny here! Thank goodness I was getting a bit worried Trip 63.1 Odo 012354 (-9641 = 2713 miles so far) ///cocktail.reopens.implored Nice enough place for an overnight but nothing during day so moving on…. Filled up at 012361 36.69 litres Arrived at Aire Navia Spain at 15:54 Trip 55.8 Odometer 012410 (-9641 = 2769 miles so far) Not quite prepared for the Elevation of EA8e In an attempt to head for the coast, away from the mountains my plan didn’t take into account crossing the mountains to get to the coast ///hems.followers.hacks Second and final stop of the day Did a little walk about Fill up = 12361-12157= 204 / 8.07 = 25.27 MPG Good nights sleep Bin men at 07:30 From here (Navia) Google maps says 16 hrs 41 mins to Caen, no tolls, a distance of 1410 km Basically Bordeaux Nantes Rennes

Day 48/70 (Monday 31st January) 23 days gives 61km per day to do Pick best Spain stops, not intermediate to get to France (risk loosing weather?) Dull and overcast start to day, not cold though To Las Hazas at Cobreces, Canabria Spain ///causes.flashing.coined Lovely spot, bit cloudy but blue skies and sun is shining Getting some washing on the go! (€4, same for dryer) And a shower! (€1 for 7mins) Trip 150.7 Odo 012561 Fast Wi-Fi 19:38 weather report… pouring with rain with driven wind 23:07 it’s pouring down!! ☹️

Day 49/70 (Tuesday 1st February) Paddled in sea Beach called Playa de Luaña Rain started back at mh Then To Gautegiz-Arteagako Bizkaia Spain ///transport.accommodate.matting Arrived 15:04 Drive through Bilbao was something else, busy lots of lanes etc Odo 012671 Trip 109.6 Filled up at 012632 49.36 litres = 10.85 gals 12632 - 12361 = 271 / 10.85 = 24.97 mpg Right next to: Urdaibai Bird Center Acres of wetlands to explore(hopefully rain permitting) Went to hide late afternoon met Juan Angel Gonzalez 012671 (-9641 = 3030 miles!!) Miles to go = 973 (/21 driving days = 46 miles per day) 10 hours and 21 minutes - no tolls Bloody dogs barking, the close pair very loud Ended late, earplugs in

Day 50 (Wednesday 2nd February) Weather looking good for the reserve today! Absolutely gorgeous day Weather fantastic and went to both hides Got pictures of a Marsh Harrier Getting a great supper ready, leftovers + broccoli and soy sausage Sort out where in France to go tonight and get settled ready for the dogs!

Day 51 (Thursday 3rd February) To France! Arrived at St. Jean de Luz France 14:54 Covid certificate checked at border into France They let me in 😊 Free City parkup between railway and road ///bumblebees.clergy.gaps Quite bright and warm Nobody wearing masks outside just inside Went for a browse… to SPAR (and pastry shop next door) Trip 91.9 Odo 012764 (- 9641 = 3123 miles so far) Miles to Caen = 892km 10 hours 42 minutes /19 = 46.9km per day = 554 miles = 29.1 miles per day

Day 52 (Friday 4th February) Not bad night, woken at 07:00 by station PA No barking dogs!! To the Teich Bird Reserve, Arcachon, south west of Bordeaux- nearly 3 hrs Rain today sunny Saturday ? Arrived at 14:50 ///terminates.hilariously.horsehair Odo at end 012891 Trip at end 126.9 Odo at fill 012890 41.35 litres = 9.09 gals 012890 - 012632 = 258 miles = 28.38 mpg 012890 - 9641 = 3249 miles so far Miles to Caen 727km 7hrs 37 no tolls 452 miles -not far! Bit knackered and it’s quite dull out so will lockdown and rest Internet slow…. (Vodafone data resets every 4th)

Day 53 (Saturday 5th February) Sound nights sleep No dogs To the Reserve - weather permitting Gorgeous day!! Went and did about half the circuit, will go again Sunday Also in the morning did the free 4k walk (measured this and it was actually 4.5 miles) Knackered

Day 54 (Sunday 6th February) To the Reserve….. But dull and overcast - supposed to last all day! No light☹️ Never mind, still a nice place Took some pictures though and enjoyed the scenery It even drizzled a bit but brightened up for half hour then back to dull

Day 55 (Monday 7th February) Another good nights sleep - nearly! Spoiled at 1 am when a campervan with kids and did arrived not so silently… Time to move on (if it were bright and sunny would be tempted to stay!) Initially went to Clerac but it was a bit dull and a dog barked Place looked closed Plenty of time so did some shopping and moved on to Burie, Charente-Maritime, Nouvelle-Aquitaine France Nicer place and free electricity Only connected to make sure all was well abroad with mains . ///bath.keener.babbled Trip 122.5 Odo 013014 (-9641 = 3373 miles so far) Brittany starts at Redon(then Nantes/Rennes) Miles to Caen = 530km no tolls = 330 miles 15 days

Day 56 (Tuesday 8th February) Good sleep but you do notice arrivals/departures of course Not so cold in the mornings, by 10am a bright sunny day To : La Meilleraie Tilley Aire Vendee, Pays de la Loire France Arrived 14:03 Trip 91.5 Odo 013109 (-9641 = 3468 miles so far) ///hallway.beaded.droplet Blue skies and bright but town is closed Broadband slow Man lost 2 dogs Next stop Brittany Spears 391km to Caen - 4hrs 13mins no tolls

Day 57 (Wednesday 9th February) Good sleep 07:22 birds cockerel dog 🙂 (Distant dogs very barky) Phone now has £2 per day connection charge so keep in airplane mode Dongle ok Awful motorway drive with construction en route (Nantes) then planned stop had campervan with generator running Second site, peaceful with 2 vans Called Saffre, Le Camp 44390 France ///streetwise.maiden.petite Chap next to me has broken down Bit overcast but very peaceful (FLW) Saffre, Le Camp 44390 France - Canal de Nantes a Brest & River L’Isac Trip 85.6 Odo 013194 (- 9641 = 3553 miles so far ) Filled up at 013128 -012890 = 238 miles 42.87 litres = 9.43 gals = 25.2 mpg 262km from Caen (2hr 37mins) Only 163 miles

Day 58 (Thursday 10th February) Great nights sleep Not a bark, nowt just peace and quiet To Redon 09:00 33 hikers turned up Parkup at Redon closed so moved 100yrds to a carpark with a mh in it! Parked ///cashier.stiff.dimes No signs so staying a while 11:13 Sun came out eventually Not that an inspiring place 14:35 arrived at Vannes ///leopard.tractor.general Roadside car park - I just fit, €1.20 per hour Liked Vannes a lot, got back to mh just in time, it’s now raining! To the Carnac Stones! 17:02 arrived at Carnac Visitor Centre (the car park) ///vineyard.perceive.maternal Trip 84.4 Odo 013279 Knackered

Day 59 (Friday 11th February) Frosty start Bird on a Carnac stone picture To Quimper There may have been some confusion between Quimper and Quimperle But the place I ended up in, Quimper was easily the better choice Arrived about 1pm Trip 72.2 miles ///closet.pounce.waxer 12:00 -14:00 free parking Parkup, fuel and groceries at E Lecerc at PONT L'ABBE Filled up at 013364 38.46 litres 8.46 gallons 013364 - 013128 = 236 miles = 27.89 mpg Trip 85.5 ///among.quacks.amuse Great nights sleep

Day 60 (Saturday 12th February) To Pont Aven ///elector.resurrect.forgetting 3 or 5 Rue de la Belle Angèle 29930 Pont-Aven France Parked up under the viaduct This second position is actually level and it should be ok to get out Sunny day but definitely chilly The sound of the rushing water is wow Today was sunny but with a definite chill Tomorrow is forecast 100% chance of rain Looks like I had the right day That river is noisy, it roars Odo 013397 ( miles so far = 3756 ) Trip 32.9

Day 61 (Sunday 13th February) Not a comfortable nights sleep, took ages to drop off (ear plugs) then someone left car park at 01:30. Still dark at 07:30, sunrise at 08:30 then the rain? There is another camping car spot on Rue Louie Lomenech (noticed on Google maps) Rain arrived 09:31 First day of actual pouring rain! To the Art Museum, not great To Tregastel (North coast - rocks) (Rue de Poul Palud, 22730 Trégastel, France ie Super U supermarket) Arrived at Super U parkup - opposite the pay for site Nearly stopped raining, but windy! Trip 92.5 miles Odo 13490 (-9641 = 3849 miles so far!) Arrived at 16:14 1 other mh here, spoke to chap in franglais he has been here 2 nights. Thought UK was Ukrainian but he has toured Scotland - good he said, England was bad for campers Now windy and raining but I am at peace with the world…. On way noticed crack in windscreen- heard the bang a couple of days ago but didn’t notice anything till wipers cleaned the screen. In reality it’s really nice listening to the wind and rain- tucked up in the mh Caen only 307km away that’s only 190 miles!!

Day 62(Monday 14th February) Day started with heavy rain ☹️ Weather not looking good for a while Heavy rain continued….. Then the sun came out and I explored the coastal path in sunshine! On way back to mh attacked by a dog Fking Chien!!! Clouded over and started raining at the mh Bitter cold wind when sun goes in and the rain hits Find something interesting between here and Cap Frehel

Day 63 (Tuesday 15th February) Had 2nd night at Super U Trip zeroed was 7.2 Arrived at Binic ///impractical.samba.acrylic Odo 013549 (-9641 = 3908 miles so far) Trip 52.1 €6 per day (blank ticket) Dull and overcast but went for a walk I seem to be e lucky with the weather, apart from the two chainsaws and tractor collecting foliage trimmings it has been raining quite steadily for a while Binic, Cotes de Armor Bretagne France CATASTROPHE!! (22:15+) During heavy rain the water came in! I had noticed the carpet was damp but put that down to a spilled beer the night before Stripped some ceiling covering and backing wood down to try and find the area it was coming in from - looks a mess and lots of rot! Then rain stopped…. To be continued… Bugger!! Footnote: I have been trying to fix this problem for ages, had the roof cleaned and sealed with special sealing paint, kitchen wall unit suffering most with covering peeling off! Now it looks like I may need a complete new roof! (Because of the rot!)

Day 64 (Wednesday 16th February) Stayed night at Binic Continued with leak fix…. Sorted one hole but may be more☹️ To Cap Frehel then on to Dinard Arrived Dinard 15:33 knackered!!! (Sleep deprived) Parked 50m from seaside beach ///shuttle.proposes.servers Trip 63.1 Odo 013612 (-9641 = 3971 miles so far) Bugger! Have to fix another(!) leak tonight

Day 65 (Thursday 17th February) Don’t seem to mention quality of sleep much whilst in France, no longer an issue 🙂 08:34 and blue sky Went exploring, ended up on narrow and treacherous cliff paths perched on the edge of sheer cliffs (well a slight exaggeration but choosing between walking through deep puddles or moving to the edge resulted in wet feet. Also swapping camera bag to other shoulder so I can get further from the edge! Don’t look down Went well, eventually found Hitchcocks statue after walking within 100metres of it an hour before.. ran out of battery so no satnav later Didn’t get back till 15:20 “Plage du Port Blanc Dinard France” Second night at Dinard Waiting for the rain…….. (due 4am!)

Day 66 (Friday 18th February) Stormy start to the day but, fingers crossed, no leaks Bit windy - Storm Eunice Trip zeroed To Dinan (parkup actually in Lehon, a 20 minute walk from Dinan) Arrived 12:00 Trip 18.5 Odo 013631 (-9641 = 3990 miles so far) ///inflame.elevated.declining Lazy day, bit of cleaning and tidying Did walk for 20 mins to find I was the other side of the car park from where I started! Have to stop this walking in the wrong direction!! Will try bus or taxi as it’s a 25 minute walk Free bus! (Not Sunday) Lovely French lady (customer in the butchers) drove me to show me bus stop and explained in broken but near enough English where when how Bus stop is here: ///pictured.bravest.axed Les Pommiers is name for here (bus stop) 20:30 Had to investigate campingcar war outside, A (French) motorhome had blocked in 2 cars (French) parked in a designated campingcar space!!!! Life keeps happening 🙂 (in French)

Day 67 (Saturday 19th February) To Dinan centre on bus Sunny but blustery! Turned bitter cold Walked back, legs complained, downhill all the way Arrived back 14:30 Second Calor gas bottle now empty Time to connect up the Repsol! Probably cancel Rennes, just another city, and if it’s cold with a bitter wind… no thanks Repsol working 🙂 So tired and knees ache

Day 68 (Sunday 20th February) 2nd night at Lehon, woken by birdsong No free bus on Sunday so to Rennes Filled up 013633 50.79 litres = 11.17 gals (was getting low) Last fill was 013364 so mileage = 13633-13364= 269/11.17= 24.08 mpg 2B Place Saint-Melaine p4n Bit of an issue…. Bus lane(tomtom) Then no entry sign (duhhh in 150m) Went round twice Cobbled streets !!! Think parking free on Sunday but paid anyway Museum opens at 2:00 ? (Not the museum m, I had already walked past that 🙁 Had lunch Not impressed with museum esp non bilingual listings, not much to see Overcast Arrived at Vitre at 16:14 A car park So Sunday night at Vitre 23:00 tremendous rainstorm… the wind was roaring (no leaks so far) Van really shaking!!!! Odo 013699 Trip 68.4 On a lighter note: The Grand old Duke of York He had 12 million quid He gave it to someone he’d never met For something he never did 01:37 the storm is back!

Day 69 (Monday 21st February) Vitre Dull/showers/high wind/sunshine! Bright and sunny as I left The grew cloudy with high winds Blown about a bit Arrived 12:30 La Ferriere Aux Etangs ///harpoon.uncool.consisting 1hr 14minutes - 81km from Caen Intermittent sunshine here Completed Passenger Locator Form ODO = 013755 (- 9641 = 4114 miles so far) My initial estimate was 3000 miles Trip = 124.5 (now zeroed) Extremely cold outside - glad I got the Repsol Virtually NO data left on phone

Day 70 (Tuesday 22nd February) Listening to the rain and pigeons La Ferriere Aux Etangs to (nice stopover, probably busy in the summer): Herouvillette 87km 1.13 hours Fill up diesel tank on way (last fill before Newbury) Then chill and get sorted for the early morning drive to Caen to check in and get the Ferry Filled at 013803 = 34.37 litres = 7.56 gals Mileage = 13803-13633 = 170 miles = 22.4 MPG -need to check tyre pressures again FL=78 FR=78.5 RL=78 RR=78 ODO at stop 013810 (-9641 = 4169 miles so far) Trip 54.6 Bright and sunny afternoon, bit of rain and wind later

Day 71 (Wednesday 23rd February) Leave very early Wednesday morning … Leave parkup at 06:30 - alarms set! Journey time to Ferry = 16 minutes Check-In at least 90 minutes before departure = Check-In at 07:00 or earlier, say 06:45 Ferry Departs Caen at 08:30 Arrive UK at 13:15 ish Lights we’re ok, stayed on dip Last vehicle onboard, never mind Left dock at 08:50

Mileage at Newbury = 013875 Start mileage = 09641 Total miles = 4234

Damages: Headlights failed, no dip (Day 1)

Dented roof in Le Mans (Day 2)

Grey water hose broke (Day 40)

Cracked windscreen (Day 60)

Leaking roof (2 holes) (Day 63 + Day 64) (More holes found later)

Camping Fee’s:
(The majority of nights were at FREE stops)

Castel de Guadalest (1) €6

Camper Park Playas de Lux (3) €30

Camper stop Moncarapacho (2) €20

Motorhome Ecopark Sao Bras de Alportel (3) €21

Camperstop Messines (3) €20

Camperstop Serra da Bica (3) €35.25

Area Lardosa (1) €10

Las Hazas at Cobreces (1) €12

Bicnic (2) €6

Total: €160.25 (avg €8.43/night) 19 nights paid for, 51 free (out of 70 in total)

Fuel Cost 2021 = £266 2022 = £668

Total Fuel Spend = £934 4234 total miles (when back in Newbury) 886/4234 = 20.9 pence per mile £209.25 per 1000 miles

No road tolls at all, none, nowt paid in toll fees

Groceries 2021 = £109 2022 = £341 Total = £450 + cash spend of approx £100

Grand Total = £550

Restaurant Total = £34

Costs Summary Fuel = £934

Food = £584

Camping = £163.25

Total = £1681.25

Approx £24 per day


Day 1 Granville-Langannarie (FRANCE)

Day 2 Briosne-Les-Sables

Day 3 Solignac 6 le cimetier Novelle-Aquitaine

Day 4 Vaissac 119 Chemin de Capiol

Day 5 Salsas-le-chateau

Day 6 Sant Sadurni d’anoia Carrer (SPAIN)

Day 7 Casa de Fusta

Day 8 Embalse de Arenos - Montanejos

Day 9 Embalse de Arenos - Montanejos

Day 10 Embalse de Arenos - Montanejos

Day 11 Embalse de Arenos - Montanejos

Day 12 Venta de aire at Carreta de Teruel La Vall d’Uixo Area Riba-Roja de Turia

Day 13 Area Riba-Roja de Turia

Day 14 Area Riba-Roja de Turia

Day 15 Simat de la Valldigma

Day 16 Benissa Castel de Guadalest

Day 17 Murcia Municipal Camperstop

Day 18 Area de Velez-Rubio

Day 19 Francesco Abellan Reservoir Las Mimbres in the woods

Day 20 Area Coin

Day 21 Casares

Day 22 Casares

Day 23 Area Facinas Cadiz

Day 24 Area Umbrete

Day 25 Area Gabraleon La Lobera

Day 26 Camper Park Playas de lux

Day 27 Camper Park Playas de lux

Day 28 Camper Park Playas de lux

Day 29 Camperstop Moncarapacho 66 (PORTUGAL)

Day 30 Camperstop Moncarapacho 66

Day 31 EcoPark Sao Bras de Alportel

Day 32 EcoPark Sao Bras de Alportel

Day 33 EcoPark Sao Bras de Alportel

Day 34 Camperstop Messines

Day 35 Camperstop Messines

Day 36 Camperstop Messines

Day 37 Camping Serra da Bica

Day 38 Camping Serra da Bica

Day 39 Camping Serra da Bica

Day 40 Baragem Do Roxo

Day 41 Area Arronches Portalegre

Day 42 Area Lardoso Castelo Branco

Day 43 Celorico Da Beira

Day 44 Necropole de Sao Gens Santa Maria Quinta da Padrela Day

45 Aire Montalegre

Day 46 retriever.redeem.demanding (SPAIN)

Day 47 Area Miera Aire Navia

Day 48 Las Hazas at Cobreces

Day 49 Gautegiz-Arteagako Bizkaia

Day 50 Gautegiz-Arteagako Bizkaia

Day 51 St Jean de Luz (FRANCE)

Day 52 Teich Bird Reserve Day

53 Teich Bird Reserve

Day 54 Teich Bird Reserve

Day 55 Clerac Burie Charante-Maritime

Day 56 La Meilleraie Tilley

Day 57 Saffre Le Camp

Day 58 Redon Vannes Carnac Visitor Centre

Day 59 Quimper E-Lecerc parkup

Day 60 PONT Aven Day 61 PONT Aven

Day 61  PONT Aven Day 61 PONT Aven

Day 62 Tregastel (Super U)

Day 63  Tregastel (Super U)

Day 64 Binic

Day 65 Binic

Day 66 Dinan (Lehon)

Day 67 Dinan (Lehon)

Day 68 Vitre

Day 69 Herouvillette

Day 70 To Caen

Day 65 Binic

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