The Crameatorium 68/73

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The Tunes

The dates given are the approximate dates I recorded the song/tune. This would also be very close to the date it was composed/written. Putting things into context makes me think that some of the dates are clearly wrong! The song numbers are not significant and a mostly random (but give an initial play order)

01. Walking A Dream 19/02/2003

Literally woke up from a dream one morning and wrote this down. Then spent ages trying to record it (panic when the Red recording light goes on) I had been chatting via email to a girl from a dating site. Apart from an obsession with chakras all seemed well, very well and a meet was setup in Stratford upon Avon (it was roughly half way, she was from Birmingham, and travelled by train) I walked to the station looking for her, it was quite a shock, she was the huge, short round girl on the platform We couldn’t walk side by side on the not wide enough pavement(!) - we kept bumping.. we wandered and chatted, mostly about where and when to get some food. She wanted to buy numerous trinkets for me. Somehow she missed the train and I ended driving her back to Birmingham. She was most apologetic, many times that she couldn’t invite me into her place but it no longer mattered

02. In the middle of the Night 09/12/2003

A double take, Judi was quite bitter about her ex thinking the grass was greener on the other side. She was very driven and busy, but in the middle of the night? Second take was the lack of anything in my ex relationship

03. Berkshire 08/07/2003

A favourite one take with added bass Judi was very fit, I couldn’t keep up and she would zoom off ahead on her bike

04. Holy Woman, Holy Cow 22/12/2001

Revolving around the times when my to be ex wife brought the kids into the flat to drop them off instead of dropping them off in the car park

05. Tree Song 13/06/1999

Recorded in the front room of 35 Buckingham Road (the recording setup can be seen in the History gallery) A song about Jo The ‘Tree’ reference…. The stairs to the squash court viewing gallery (where she “looked down on me”) at Northcroft reminded me of a wooden ie tree structure. I recall Jo ‘climbing’ those stairs with her short tennis skirt, legs an all 🙂 Wooden/climbing = tree, a place on high to look down and survey (watching squash matches) As a footnote I never knew if she was a Joanne or a Josephine or even a Joan Probably a Burrows or a Burroughs

06. Marriage of Convenience 1987-1990

An instrumental with words, I love the way it worked out. The tone is a bit rough but the notes are there. Imagine the black and white cartoons that they sometimes used on The Old Grey Whistle Test This came about from an encounter at Northcroft. Whilst watching a game of squash (from the gallery) a woman came and stood near me. We chatted 😉 she was quite attractive (but her children were ugly, they appeared later) she used the line ‘marriage of convenience’ in her story Recorded under the stairs at 35 Buckingham Road with my Fane 1x12 combo and Boss HM pedal (and the Strat, of course)

07. One Day 01/01/2002

A song about my USA pen pal Kim. It contains my favourite lines wot I wrote:

In reality, or just down the road
Life’s a compromise, a fantasy load
Whatever the reason, whatever the score
Want you to know that I’ll always want more

Eventually we did get to meet. Leo and myself did a Florida tour destined for New Orleans. We stayed one night at Kim’s place in Pensacola. Strangely strange as a stranger

08. DADGAD 1989-1990

A favourite cacophony. The title is just the guitar tuning I was using at the time. Especially like the mad guitar right at the end. I think the recording date is wrong as it was probably 2002/3, definitely at the flat

09. Picture on my Wall 28/12/2001

A song about a picture of Anthea that once resided on my wall. 

9a. Out of the Dark 13/03/2005

I always felt happier when there was a background noise (of my own making) when playing.

9b. One Year On 28/10/2002

Not sure of the title, being an almost medieval styled tune, it might just be the date was a year on from I know what

9c. Estella 05/04/2008

It was the first time I played this, a new tune at the R.A.F.A. Club (to become Acespace) Adam Kotz’s wife had brought their new-born to the show. Somehow the two became linked, the baby’s name was Estella

10. Late Night Jam Live 11/07/2004

I had just returned home after a G3 concert at the B.I.C and wanted to recreate the cacophony of the last tune, a massive jam with everyone playing

11. The Longest Moment 17/12/2002

A song about that heart wrenching moment when you realise it’s over

The longest moment is when you realise
The look of love is missing from her eyes

12. As Time Goes By 07/12/2001

A kind of apology wrapped up in an excuse for not meaning the horrible things that i said

13. A4 Ever 08/06/2008

One of the few tunes I still play. It has changed a bit.  Inspired by a distant sight of my ex wife (A) walking past M&S and a parallel thought on another, related topic (A)

14. Another Year 02/11/2003

I think the title came from it being roughly a year on from the end of the second marriage. I remember about half way through (one take of course) trying to recall the riff I started with whilst still playing

15. Dinas 16/09/2005

This little ditty was inspired by a visit to Dinas Head on the Pembrokeshire Coast with Jackie. I thought it was a neat Segway tune

16. Breakfast Loop 04/08/2004

A bit of fun in a loop

17. In a Matter of Moments 01/01/2002

I thought this was recorded later than it was. Being so early ie 2002

18. LaLaLaLaLaLa Song 09/07/2004

Just a bit of fun!

19. I’m Fine 09/05/2002

I’m Fine? I don’t think I was

20. J to K from P 10/03/2004

Another Kim inspired tune (she referenced me as JP)

21. K 14/09/2007

Another Kim inspired tune - just a snippet
Love the harmonics and my favourite ever guitar lick (i can hold my head up, cos i know I'm free) 

22 Ladybird 23/01/2001

Josie loved a 3 legged teapot(!) and Beryl Cooks pictures of Jolly plump ladies in polka dot dresses. I imagined a human sized ladybird marching rhythmically, hips swinging from side to side (red with black polka dots!) down the street

23. Life’s a little bit strange  29/10/2003

Inspired by Yvonne, she referred to herself as a “barren bitch” I mused at her brightly non matching under garments

24.Darling 14/11/2007

She called me “darling”
Why I’ll never know

Some things matter to me, and calling someone “darling” has meaning and I would never use it lightly or without any significance
When everything was over, done and dusted, she called me darling

Grand Designs was on the TV at the time, in the background of this recording

25. The Last Vegetarian 08/06/2008

I don’t recall my train of thought for this, but obviously, at the time I was a vegetarian…… (now Vegan)

26. The Last Mile 14/01/2006
Again I have lost track of this one, will have to search the archives

27. Secret Love 15/12/2003

I was staying on the Isle of Skye. One of the pictures Julie had was of her dancing on a table. One of the watchers looked familiar, as I had seen him in other pictures. But she said there was no connection

28. Sealed with a Kiss 12/12/2001

A poignant reminder for me. On leaving for work I declined a goodbye kiss. For me, there was nothing left, nothing to signify, no more pretence, no reason

29. The light I cannot see 10/11/2003

Just a little tune

30. Sad Solo Guitar 13/11/2003

Lovely tune

31. 52 29/20/2006

Great picking(!) Not multi tracked, played this live at the RAFA club several times!

32. Alone with you 20/12/2001

Loud Jam

33. Melody 14/05/2005

Jackie was quite sprightly

34. Can’t be mine, water rushing by 26/07/2008

Nice tune

35. New 99 13/05/2002

I couldn’t think of a title and had forgotten the sequence of recoding numbers on my Boss recorder. So entering 99 ensured it was not a duplicate

36-37. Managed to miss these when numbering! (or tunes were deleted - can't remember!)

38. Not crying for you 15/06/1999

Not sure about this one’s background

39. Unfinished #2 10/03/2008

A great start

40. Shit Happens 28/04/2003

Kim’s friend Chris was dying from cancer of the oesophagus
We spoke on the phone. He used the phrase

41. Molly 28/10/2010

The wallpaper on a clients pc was a picture of pretty girl children. The one on the left was Molly, she got ill and had died when she was seven
There is no God (but Molly went to heaven)

42. Animal 15/06/1999

I think I was expressing a contrast between my common upbringing against Anthea’s upbringing. Me the comparative animal

43. Heart of Mine 13/06/1999

One of the first multitrack attempts on my Fostex cassette recorder in the front room at 35 (pictured in History)
I think the sentiment was brought on by my fear of a relationship ending in hurt again Around the time of Helen (who threw up in my waste bin) and the teacher/friend from Thatcham)

44. War Song 13/05/2002

I think I just wanted to write a song that characterised the horror of war with the thought of an inevitable death approaching, fully conscious of the fact it was seconds away

45. When I see you/ who do you love 13/06/1999

Like the tune and tone, pity about the duff note A thought questioning her love?

46. Who do you love 13/08/1999 Related to 45. Enhanced by Peter and Steven


I love the way (cringe cringe) i fight against  the drum track till it eventually settles.

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